Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow! I have a blog - what happened?

Never thought I will have a blog. so what happened? Cons 1. Almost everyone is having one 2. Spelling mistakes... 3. Love to talk not to write 4. Who is going to read it? 5. Do I have enough interesting things to say? Pros: Yes. I do. I want to try to say somethings. Hope it will be interesting... Can I do it in Hebrew? Here I am. Writing on a Friday morning in sunny California.. What is new? I started a new Adobe Illustrator User's Group in Los Angeles. Our first meeting is going to be in 2-3 weeks and I will post it on our Group web site: (go to the AI group symbol and click to enter) If you are a designer/graphics artist/art director or just a big fan of Adobe Illustrator, join our group. We are going to feature the new amazing tool in Illustrator CS4 and other great tools as part of the new Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection CS4. This group is part of a big user's group hosted by Adobe (I think we have over 500 group already..) it is free and give you a great chance to be part of the community, network and meet creative/interesting people . Our first meeting will take place at the UCLA Extension center at 1010 Westwood Blvd. Time, date and room to follow. Check out the new features at: Chana


OneGuy said...

Hi Chana
Thanks for a great blog!
I envy you now :)
I wanted to write a blog as well, but with 3 little kuds at home this is difficult...
Maybe now with quicsoft new site and the forum...
I remember me teaching the flare tool - " here are the oval, square, rounded square and a tool you will never use..."
Even his location is weird.
Thanks again.
Funny title :)

DS said...

Nice blog. You might want to include it on the Amazon kindle.
Second, there is a widget on the Wordpress blog to translate your post with just a button. See mine for this. You could search for translation on yours- there might be something available.