Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Creating Flowers using the Appearance Panel- Adobe Illustrator CS4

Draw or create any shape as a starting point
I created a circle using the   Ellipse tool. 
(You can draw a circle with the pen tool). 
Make sure to set the fill to none.
Black stroke 1 point. 
Added 4 anchor point: Objet: Path add Anchor Point.

Open the Appearance Panel
Click on the Effect symbol (fx)Distort & Transform: Pucker & Bloat.
(for other results later you can experiment with other effects).
Make sure the Preview button is checked.
Play with the effect.
I chose 7%.

Creating the flower:
Duplicate the first circle using the scale tool. Choose 95%-85% and click copy. Select the second circle and rotate it-using the rotate tool. Make sure you see the overlapping effect. Different rotation and scaling will create different effects. Select the 2 circles - expand Appearance. (Object-Expand Appearance). With the circles selected, scale to 90%-80% & click copy. While it is still selected -rotate it. Continue until you get a wire frame for the flower.
You can experiment with different scaling and different rotation.

Now we start with the fun part
Create a gradient using the Gradient Panel. The effect depends on the transformation and the gradient distribution. I created a radial gradient - the second color stop - midway at about 45.5. Select the flower.
Fill with the gradient - no stroke.  Go to Effect: Distort and Transform: Pucker & Bloat.
I used it at 45. You can eexperiment to create a different effect.

Optional Design
Scale the circle to the center. Rotate. Scale again. Create a wire frame using the scale tool (transform again). Use Pucker & Bloat.

Endless Variations
Using effect in the Appearance Panel. (my favorite is Roughen and Pucker & Bloat together).


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