Saturday, January 29, 2011

Write on Glass

Using Glass to share experiences and not just content:

 I started using Glass few month ago and I love the experience. Would like to share it with my friends and colleagues. To make it easier to undertand, since every one is asking me "What is Glass" Here is an easy answer from Glass web site:

What is Glass?

Glass is a browser add-on that lets you share experiences and not just content.
We've created a virtual sheet of Glass that lies over the entire internet that's yours to affect. You can share your thoughts about anything on the web, right in the moment, by literally placing notes and embedding pictures or videos (highlighting text - to come soon) on top of any website. You can share those thoughts with only those you choose.
The only way we can share it with each other is to be part of it as a contact. I would like to invite you to be my contact and together we can share ideas, web sites, videos and much more. I like it since I can control who can see my content. I like it since I can go directly to the area I want to see and I do not need to cut and paste url and look for the web site.
So? How do I start?
Joining is easy: simply go to and join. 
I can be one of your first contacts, find me as: chanam,  find Jen, the Glass community manager at: jbeese and she will be able to help with everything Glass.
You can find Glass on Facebook and join our discussion groups: easy way to connect to people with the same interest.
You can create your own interest group and share the experience with your contact.
I have been using Glass to promote my Adobe Illustrator Users Group in LA, sending our members directly to our web site to see information about the meetings. LAADOBE users Group is using Glass as well, and we would like to spread the word so you can use it too.
The people at Border Stylo the home of Glass were amazing enough to be our host for most of the Adobe Groups in LA area!
Try it! be creative. And, no it is not just another Facebook it is the Glass experience.
If you were already on Glass, I could send you this blog post via Glass with a slide..and I won't need to send e-mails, announcements and Facebook post about my blog...
Next time..!

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